I’m Sarah, Author of Cats or Death, sharing my home with three cats – Harvey, Clive and Bailey.

SarahI started this blog one evening after a hilarious conversation with a few fellow cat lovers. During this conversation, one of the group admitted that their cat had recently pissed in their child’s toy box (filled with Lego) and this led to another admitting that their cat routinely puked in their bed.
As everyone in the group began to open up about all the disgusting things their cats had done we formed some solidarity, realising that behind all of the stunning cat selfies on Instagram are stories of gruesome mouse murders, regurgitation related disasters and generally high levels of cat related carnage.

That’s not to say that life with cats isn’t totally amazing – I’ve lived with cats for my entire 31 years and I’ll live with them until I’m six feet under – but some days when I sleepily tread in a soggy hairball or trip over them on the stairs, a little part of me dies inside.

This blog is really about sharing every part of my life with cats – the good, the bad and the totally gross – as well as sharing my knowledge and insights on how to give your cats the best of everything in life and worship them as per their expectations.

I’d also like to share our experiences of Feline Asthma and help to raise awareness of this condition in the hope that others out there may benefit from our what we’ve learned over the years living with it daily. Two of my cats, Harvey and Bailey, have this condition and Harvey requires daily medication and care to control his symptoms. You can read more about his condition here.

HarveyThis is Harvey. He’s 7 years old and came to me from a family who had fostered him after his mum and siblings sadly died. He was hand reared from around three weeks old and as a result his personality is more suited to a dog than a cat. He’s very in tune with human emotions and despite being the only one of the three cats who’s likely to take a swipe at someone, he’s also deeply loving. Headbutts, suckling blankets and soppy cuddles are his speciality and he follows me around like my shadow.
Harvey has a condition known as Feline Asthma and he requires daily medication administered via an Inhaler to keep his symptoms under control. Oddly enough, this is something he absolutely loves and quite possibly his favourite part of the day. Despite all of this, he’s still often a bit of a penis.


Clive is my oldest cat, at 9 years young. He and I have been together through everything life has thrown at us and he’s still my ginger ninje. He’s pretty much a giant beanbag, incredibly squishy and gentle. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body and I’m not even sure he’s aware that he has teeth or claws. Unfortunately, he’s the butt of everyone’s jokes and Bailey and Harvey enjoy winding him up, but he takes it all in good spirits. Possibly because he’s a bit too dim to be offended but we all love him anyway.


Finally, we come to Bailey. He’s the most recent addition to the family and turns 3 in September. Bailey is a total clown, very vocal and always in everyone’s face. He has absolutely no manners and frankly, zero fucks to give. He assumes that everyone and everything exists solely for his pleasure and will barge into any situation to enforce his will.
Bailey treats every day like it’s the first and last.  His cuddles and his purr are incredible and he’s the definition of Lap Cat.

Bailey also has Feline Asthma and is undergoing care for his condition at the moment but, unlike Harvey, he doesn’t currently require daily medication. However, he has started his training in preparation for using an inhaler and I’ll be writing about his training and experiences here as things progress.

I can’t imagine life without cats – they’re the first thing that I see in the morning and the last thing I see at night. Well, their bums are at least.

Thank you for reading about us, I look forward to getting to know some of you too 🙂

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