Asthma In Cats – What the “asthma cough” looks like…

Asthma In Cats – What the “asthma cough” looks like…

This is a short video of what a very mild asthma attack looks like in a cat. In this situation, there was no cause for alarm and no intervention necessary, so it was safe to film Harvey to give you an insight into his condition.

From this video, it’s easy to understand how the symptoms of asthma can often be confused with hairball coughs. However, cats actually rarely cough and a cat who coughs often and with no result (hairballs/vomit) should be checked over by a vet as this type of cough can be a sign of other respiratory conditions as well as asthma.

With an asthma cough, a cat will often hunch forwards and extend their neck, swinging their head as they cough to try to clear their airway. The cough will often (but not always) sound rough, a little like a smoker’s cough as they try to shift mucus that has built up in the small airways. Other signs of asthma are wheezing, and laboured breathing and more serious symptoms are open mouth breathing and blue lips or gums. Cats showing these latter symptoms are in severe respiratory distress and should see a vet as a matter of urgency.

Prior to his diagnosis, Harvey had two very serious attacks where he collapsed and turned blue and in these cases I was lucky to be there to rush him to the vet. Thankfully with medication and some time in an oxygen tent he very quickly recovered from these attacks with no lasting symptoms 
He’s now very stable on his medication and severe attacks are mercifully a thing of the past.

Mild attacks, like the one you see in this video, happen rarely and last less than a minute but when a more severe attack does occur, Harvey has an emergency inhaler that provides immediate relief and opens his airways.

These days Harvey and I have become very familiar with his condition so neither one of us is easily alarmed but it’s always a worry to see an attack. Harvey bounces back very quickly though and generally uses his attacks as an excuse for some extra fuss and treats 

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  1. We know that cough. I have asthma too. I have an AeroKat but TW always worries when she sees me sleep with my neck stuck out that I’ll get an attack. A humidifier helped and now I have a Venta Airwasher.

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