A Bad Night – A night with 3 cats, this is what happens…

A Bad Night – A night with 3 cats, this is what happens…

Last night was not a good night. The heat had a lot to do with it but the boys were also heavily involved.

Here’s a timeline of events:

12:00am: I snuggle down to sleep, my bed is my own.

12:45am: Clive blunders in through the cat flap soaking wet. Comes to bed and paddles all over me before collapsing on my face.

02:00am: Harvey throws up very loudly on the landing. My eyes spring open, I am filled with dread.

02:05am: I get up to clean up the vomit, sighing loudly and praying for sleep. Debate leaving it but that could prove catastrophic come morning.

02:57am: Bailey vacates his radiator bed so violently that it twangs off the radiator loudly, startling me from my slumber once more and causing all of the cats to shoot loudly from their respective resting spots. My face becomes a launch pad for Clive.

03:55am: Harvey decides it’s time to get up and party. Begins using my paper IKEA lamp as a scratching post and yowling as I shout and hurl pillows in his direction. This is part of the game.

04:00am: Harvey hurtles around the house going batshit crazy and wails hysterically while I weep into my sheets.

04:30am: Harvey ceases his wailing, decides to come to bed. Takes over my pillow area. I try to adjust and fall back asleep, relieved he is quiet once more.

04:45am: Harvey reaches out a paw and touches me. The heavens have answered my prayers, I am blessed. I lay awake contemplating how truly honoured I am to receive his touch.

05:00am: I accidentally slap Harvey in the face when I roll over. I am swiftly punished.

05:05am: Clive hears my cries and comes to comfort me. Collapses on my face once more.

06:00am: Bailey decides it’s time to join the bed party. Climbs on my chest. I begin overheating. I may perish as I cook in my own juices but at least I am loved.

07:00am: My alarm goes off. The boys are fast asleep. I am dead inside.

Photo taken at 05:15am.
The boys are still asleep now.

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The Bad Night

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