Cat Scratches – Cuddles Interrupted… so much pain…

Cat Scratches – Cuddles Interrupted… so much pain…

Today Bailey and I were enjoying a beautiful cuddle, his cute little feet snuggled up warmly against my chest as he purred up a storm.

Clive decided this would be an opportune moment to attempt to leap onto the highest shelf in my wardrobe, despite the obvious fact that A) he’s a clumsy fat fuck and B) Harvey was already up there and would smash his skull from his shoulders should he succeed.
Unsurprisingly, he failed miserably and as one might expect, he smashed down like a wrestler hitting the mats on the final knockout.

Bailey, startled from his bliss, kicked free in a mad panic, ripping a four inch gash into my chest as he fled the vicinity and leaving me weeping from both the loss of his love and the loss of the copious amounts of blood now pouring from my wounds.

As I tried desperately to rectify the damage I realised it looked like I’d gone three rounds with Freddy Krueger. The bleeding stopped after around 45 minutes but no longer am I beach body ready. That is unless I want to be repeatedly asked if I spend my days wrestling tigers in my spare time.

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Cat Scratches

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