Clive Gets A Friend – When Harvey Met Clive

Clive Gets A Friend – When Harvey Met Clive

Clive was almost two years old when I introduced him to Harvey. He’d spent weeks pining after I moved house and was struggling with living the life of an only cat, having grown up with two others who later took to violently kicking his head in – thus his move to life as an only cat.

Following the move, he spent much of his time screaming the house down, to the point where I’m certain the neighbours thought I had some kind of horrendous medical condition and was blaming my cat, with the aim of preventing incarceration in the local lunatic asylum.
As he hadn’t willingly chosen to live alone, I decided the most likely cause of Clive’s wretched wailing was the desire for companionship (apparently I wasn’t good enough) and so I wrote lengthy requests to my landlord to gain the required permissions before embarking on my search.

Given Clive’s history of domestic violence at the hands of burly boy cats, I painstakingly searched for the lowest risk buddy I could find; ideally a young, female cat with a chilled out demeanour. And so came Harvey, or as he was known at the time, Maisy. I would later discover that Maisy’s foster carer should’ve gone to Specsavers but once I set eyes on him-her I couldn’t say no.

Harvey settled in almost immediately and despite my good intentions, he quickly revealed his “thug life” skills and began assaulting Clive right from the get-go, but this didn’t stop Clive from trying to be the perfect kitten Dad.
Despite the fact that Harvey routinely rode him like a pony throughout my home (and still does), Clive immediately ceased his senseless screaming and befriended this new psychotic grey blob, surely sent from the bowels of Satan himself.

Now Bailey is in the mix, Clive is back to having his head kicked in by two burly boy cats once more. I guess it was his destiny.

Still, all’s well that ends well, he doesn’t seem to mind.

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Clive meets Harvey

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