Big Cats In Small Spaces – Clive loves his tunnel…

Big Cats In Small Spaces – Clive loves his tunnel…

What do you get if you cross a large but rather simple ginger cat with a small but rather flexible ferret tunnel? A spectacle.

Clive has had this tunnel since he was a kitten and he still plays with it every day, despite the fact that he’s quite obviously too large for it now. It’s like those favourite jeans you still have but refuse to throw away. You know you’re too fat for them and they make you look like a beached whale when you wear them out in public but you try to squeeze into them anyway, because you just can’t admit that you’re no longer as slim or as supple as you used to be.
Getting into those jeans takes a lot of squeezing and wiggling (and plenty of swearing), so Clive has found an easier solution to the problem of “how to fit into something you’re too big for”. He takes a run up and nose dives into the tunnel at high velocity. I missed it with the camera this time around but I’ll try grab his “entry” next time, as it’s something to behold.

Bailey usually looks thoroughly baffled by Clive’s stupidity and takes the opportunity to smack the crap out of him while he can’t defend himself – opportunistic dick.

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