Good Morning – A Poem by Bailey

Good Morning – A Poem by Bailey

Good morning! Excuse me, is something amiss?
Hello? Open up! What’s the meaning of this?
Just look at the time now, it’s almost half four,
I have to insist that you open this door!

Haven’t you noticed, it’s time I was fed?
Hello? Listen up! Are you sure you’re not dead?
Hey you! What’s the problem? I know that you’re there,
I’m going to starve but you don’t seem to care.

I’ll scratch up the carpet and dig up the floor,
Oh why won’t you listen and open this door?
I’m shouting my loudest, but still no reply,
I’ll turn up the volume and shout to the sky.

Helloooo? Are you in there? I’m quite short of breath,
Please come out and feed me, I’m starving to death.
Oh why won’t you answer? Are you still alive?
You need to get up to ensure I survive!

Hellooooooo? What’s the problem? It’s almost too late!
I cannot remember what time I last ate!
Ah hah, there you are, hey what took you so long?
How didn’t you hear me here singing my song?

You seem very weary, please hurry along,
I need to be fed while I’m still feeling strong.
Wait what’s this I see here? Am I going blind?
There’s food here already? Oh well, never mind.

– Cats or Death

Good Morning Poem

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