Happy Friday! Time for Morning Cuddles

Happy Friday! Time for Morning Cuddles

It’s Friday! That can only mean one thing; it’s nearly time for Saturday morning cat cuddles.

By cat cuddles, I mean being stamped on by “pin-feet” Harvey, who has no grace. Why he can’t step over my face is beyond me – he stamps in my eye sockets and punches me in the mouth as he clambers across the bed.

Bailey will wait patiently until around 7.30am and then his desire for freedom will lead to him singing me the song of his people until the catflap is open.

As for Clive? In all likelihood he’ll come and sit on my pillow and back his rectum into my face, purring loudly as though his offering is somehow a gift from the Gods. Repeatedly.

This is of course all in addition to the usual 4am wakeup call.

Weekend cat mornings, yay…🕺🏼🙈😂

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