Harvey Is Not A Morning Person – My cat is a teenager…

Harvey Is Not A Morning Person – My cat is a teenager…

Harvey is not a morning person. If he had his way he wouldn’t surface before 4pm.

I’m pretty sure my neighbours imagine that I secretly live with a teenager as I wander around getting ready on a morning, sporadically yelling “TIME TO GET UP HARVEY!!” like a total lunatic.
One might argue that cats don’t understand and therefore I really am the batshit lunatic I imagine myself to be but I promise¬†you, Harvey does understand, he just chooses to feign ignorance while glaring at me periodically.

“Holy Christ wagons!” I hear you shout, “Waking a cat is a terrible and most grievous sin!”
I hear you, I’m probably going to burn in the fires of hell for all of eternity, but unfortunately Harvey has to be awake to take his inhaler for his asthma otherwise he turns into a grumpy bastard and holds his breath.
I get this, I wouldn’t want some hassling me in my bed when I’m napping either but I only have a small window before work, so I try to subtly encourage him to wake up and get moving while I’m sorting myself out. By subtly I mean shrieking his name, turning on the radio and the lights and staggering around loudly as he scowls and pretends to ignore me.

“Surely you could just go over and wake him up like a sane person?” I hear you ask, once again questioning my mental state.
Well, I’m rather attached to my skin. As soft as Harvey can be, once enraged you can kiss goodbye to any cooperation. Not only that but you can probably kiss goodbye to your hands too. And your face. If he’s feeling particularly aggrieved he may even try to rip your lips off.

As I said, Harvey is not a morning person.

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My Cat Is A Teenager

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