Let’s Discuss The Dog

Let’s Discuss The Dog

I have an urgent matter
To discuss without delay
You need to listen closely
And take action right away

The Dog 1

I think you know the problem
So let’s start a dialogue
You seem to underestimate
The issue of the dog

The Dog 2

He has no poise, he’s tactless
And his fragrance is offensive
His other habits sicken me
The list is quite extensive

The Dog 3

He raids the litter box at night
To this I take exception
That this would be acceptable
Is quite the misconception

The Dog 4

He finds my poop delectable
It’s really quite horrific
I take objection to the fact
He finds it so terrific

The Dog 5

His penchant for this foul cuisine
Has led to halitosis
I almost choked to death last night
His breath is quite atrocious

The Dog 6

Add to this he humps his bed
I find him quite disgusting
The other night I wandered in
And there I found him thrusting

The Dog 7

His manners are in short supply
His intellect is lacking
So listen closely, my advice
Would be to send him packing

The Dog 8

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