Welcome Home – From The Cats

Welcome Home – From The Cats

Well that’s me home and another year older. Goodbye youth, hello incontinence pads, copious quantities of gin and in all likelihood, more cats.

Immediately home from my trip, Bailey and Harvey shriek “FREE US FROM THIS FILTHY HOVEL”. They shoot between my legs and beat a hasty retreat through next door’s hydrangea (sorry Donna) – that’ll be them for the evening.
No “hello, how was your trip”, just dust kicked into my eyes and my sweet, sweet tears of rejection.

Clive on the other hand…

I treated myself to fish and chips on the way home from the airport. Clive chooses food over freedom.
I’ll pretend he’s still here because he loves me; that’ll ease the pain of the other two as they stamped over my heart and into the bushes.

Clive gets some fish for his loyalty…


Welcome Home

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